Testimonials from participants who attended Identifying Edible Weeds workshops

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop today. It is always lovely to learn new things from someone who is so passionate in what they are teaching. Having had a few health issues this year, our discussions today have certainly cemented a need for me to pursue some healthier options in my diet and lifestyle. I feel like I have been a tad adrift lately and it is time to focus on what feels right…and for me that is natural health.

Thank you for the food you brought and made. The pesto was lovely, and for probably my first green smoothie, I was very impressed!

– Dawn, Tauranga

Hi Julia, I just wanted to say what a lovely breath of fresh air you are. I was truly grateful to find out about your weekend workshop and attend.

I found it very interesting and enjoyed your delivery making it both fun and educating. You have certainly found your vocation and I hope you continue forever, doing what you do well, guiding others in what they need to know.

– John, Palmerston North

Julia, your workshop today about edible weeds has changed my whole way of thinking about them; how they live, why they are here, what their benefits are to us and the planet, they are truly magical plants. Your passion for what you do and share is infectious and inspiring. I would recommend this workshop to anyone of all ages.
Eternally Grateful

– Karen, Te Puna

I’ve been a gardener for many years and a permaculturist for several of them, and until I went to your workshop, I unwittingly recycled all sorts of potential nutrition through the compost pile!  I’ve just been out pottering in the garden this morning and on my way in harvesting lunch, I smiled and realised how much more I utilise off our property now thanks to your workshop.  My salads are much more interesting with the greater diversity in them now that I include all sorts of “weeds” and I’m finally eating the amount of greens I’ve long wanted to thanks to the delicious and super healthy smoothies you introduced me to.  I left your workshop so inspired and the inspiration continues every time I go out in the garden and notice another self sown volunteer that I can harvest for smoothie or salad.  Thank you for opening me to more of the wonder of our garden and improving our nutrition in the bargain.  I’m so thrilled that I took the time to attend your workshop, and be inspired by your sheer enthusiasm for the wonders of weeds.

 – Jo from Katikati

I SO enjoyed your seminar; you did so well.  You made the whole thing interesting and fun, and very, very inspiring. I have rethought the way I have my gardens organised; no more periodically pulling out weeds!  I was already going more for a haphazard effect as I don’t like the straight rows of everything and I don’t believe that’s the way nature works anyway, but every now and again I have been stripping a bed clean to put more compost on it. Now I won’t do that, I’ll just put compost around the existing plants.

I’d already been making more and more of our salads from bits and pieces such as chickweed and violet leaves and flowers and so on; your seminar has encouraged me to take this further and not try so hard to “manage” my garden and try too hard to darn well make those veg that really don’t want to do well in my garden grow at all costs!!  Thanks so much for this Julia!  Really helpful!!

– Gillian from Welcome Bay.

A way of using an unused resource that is readily available. I really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you Julia. 

– Rex from Katikati

Good introduction to identification and learning about the nutrient values of wild edible plants. I used to think of weeds as annoying, but now I get so excited when I discover a weed in my garden I can eat! Very inspiring to see the obvious vitality Julia has from drinking green smoothies. 

– Sharon from Brookfield

When I came to your workshop I had no idea that you could eat “weeds”!!  so it has been a fantastic learning curve and I have been discovering all sorts in the garden – and weeding the garden in a completely different way, so as not to remove any precious new wild edibles coming through!  I make my husband and son a smoothie everyday for breakfast, including raw eggs, soaked chia seeds, different weeds, spinach, banana and berries.

I find myself looking for weeds in peoples’ gardens, not their flowers, which they mostly find hilarious!!  I feel in raptures when a wild edible pops up somewhere new in the garden!! So your passion for wild edibles is definitely catchy!   I think it is amazing that nature has provided so much more for us to eat than we realise, and look forward to discovering more.

– Keryn from Brookfield

This was my first time learning about edible weeds and since I make my own smoothies with greens and fruit I’m excited and inspired to broaden my “green” side and head out to the yard to find the free nutrition!! Hands on is always the best learning experience.

– Angela from New York

Hands on workshop is what I liked the most. I feel it’s the best way to learn and walking around looking at the weeds allows you to see, feel and understand the wild edibles!  I feel as though we’re all in fear of poisoning ourselves but realise if we learn and experiment only good will come. Lovely experience, look forward to bringing and sharing the knowledge in New York!  

– Alicia from New York

What I liked most about the workshop was seeing the plants and identifying them and seeing smoothies being made.  After years of feeling nervous I’m now going to start eating more ‘weeds’. Brilliant session. Reliable information. Thank you Julia – done well.

-Diane from Pyes Pa

This has been awesome and it was very informative.  Thank you for sharing.

– Marjorie from Tauranga

What I liked most was Julia’s enthusiasm.  Loved it, thank you.  

– Kelli from Matua

Information was very good, easy to understand.  Loved the different flavours, textures of the edible weeds. Loved everything.  

– Anita from Otumoetai

Really informative, all of it brilliant.  Was unsure of weeds prior.  

– Dorothy from Bethlehem

Friendly, interactive, informative. Lovely samples and great to get recipes.  Reminder to get back to it!  

– Toni of Bellevue.

What I liked best was the smoothies – they’re the nicest smoothies I’ve ever had. They were beautful. Very well done!  

– Deborah of Healthy Kitchens Hamilton

Julia, your workshop was truly inspiring, as an avid gardener I was amazed at how many more plants I can add to my food resource, and even handfuls more to my salads, Pastas and more. It has been wonderful to see that in the hardiest of frosts that we have recently had these wild edibles have stayed strong, and even nurtured my other more conventional edibles.  Thank you.

– Jane of Papamoa

What I liked most about the workshop is that is was multi sensory – taste, hear, smell, see.

– Lyn from Rotorua

Do you feel confident to try eating edible weeds?
Very confident when you have health issues and looking for alternatives. Found this workshop very helpful. Very enjoyable felt very comfortable with a greeting in ones language Te Reo.

– Tony from Rotorua

The workshop was presented in an easy, comfortable learning way by Julia who is very inspiring with her passion for weeds.

– Min from Pyes Pa

The workshop was good for inspiring us to go home and get started and learn more as we go on researching and experimenting. What I liked most about the workshop was the practical hands on observing and tasting/handling the plants and learning about them. Thanks Julia, I’m inspired!

– Anne-Marie from Tauranga

What I liked most about the workshop was that it was interactive. Wandering around in the garden and watching you create the smoothie and tasting it!  So interesting! It’s nice to learn from someone with so much passion.

– Jess from Tauranga

I am excited to get out into the garden and start confidently identifying the weeds, and then start incorporating them into smoothies and salads!  Julia you have a lovely way of running the workshop, very gentle and knowledgeable.  I like how you respect nature so much as well.

– Teresa from Tauranga

I’m excited about adding weeds to my  sauerkraut.  I loved your authenticity and enthusiasm.

– Sheena, Puriri near Thames

Thanks for your time, story, knowledge, broth and smoothie all this will help me heal myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mere, Thames

Keep spreading all your knowledge and love of your subject!

Jackie, Puriri

Rich in information. Very valuable. I like that Julia was so inspired and passionate. I learned heaps.

Anonymous, Puriri

Thank you Julia 🙂
We had our first green ‘weed’ smoothie yesterday with chickweed, plantain, red dead nettle & cleavers – the kids loved it and were so excited about everything I told them about it that they went out on their own today and identified and picked chickweed, daisies and plantain and made their own concoction all by themselves! Yeh! The next generation getting into great health habits 🙂

Saskia, Welcome Bay

After speaking to the Breast Cancer Support Group
Thank you so much Julia for giving so freely of your knowledge and time. I really enjoyed your talk and the feedback from the group was great. I for one will certainly be trying some new things in my green smoothie.

Kindest regards Ngaire

You presented well. Kept the flow of information interesting and not to complicated.

– Iain of Tauranga

Have a new appreciation of weeds now – amazing.

– Pauline of Tauranga

I always feel like there is so much to learn and how you keep from being overloaded so its good to come to a workshop like this where you feel so inspired and can progress slowly by what you learn.

– Vicki of Tauranga

What an eye opener! Wonderfully knowlegeable and warm presenter.

– Kay of Tauranga

Thank you Julia for sharing your amazing knowledge at an affordable price and for Jane and Kevin for hosting.

– Esther 0f Tauranga

Testimonials for Weeds as Wisdom Teachers Workshop 2015

I learnt lots of new information and it was more detailed than the first edible weeds course and a valuable 2nd part to it.  It provides you with skills to take your health and well being back into your own hands and gives you a different perspective on nature and your environment and how you can interact with it on a deeper level.  Highly recommend to all.

I love how much enthusiasm and passion comes out in the teaching. Loved it. Loads of fun.

Great day, good variety and good flow.  That it’s an incredibly practical course. Such a wonderful way to view the animal and plant kingdom with respect and reverence.

Relaxation – meditation- visualization, relationship with plants and people. Down to earth workshop with down to earth people that makes you feel uplifted!  Big Thank You to all!!

Dandelions, thistles and other ‘weeds’ should be used instead of shop ‘junk’.  Both kinetic, healing, relaxing, easy going… Learning to ‘eat a weed daily’… and enjoying.  Great people, great environment, great learning and growth.