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Join me on a journey of discovering how wild edible plants and green smoothies can help improve your health and well-being. I’m passionate about edible weeds and leafy greens and I want to show you how to use these highly nutritious foods to boost your health and vitality.

My intention is for this site to be a resource for anyone interested in learning how to identify edible weeds and to incorporate them into a healthy diet high in raw foods. I will be updating this site regularly with new findings from my research on edible weeds and flowers, my latest wild edible recipes, and other interesting tidbits on growing organic food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Aaron Smart, a professional film maker has created this lovely little film about my work and my love of weeds and eating them. It was entered in the Byron Bay Film Festival.

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  • Honey bee with blue pollen on chicory flower

    Chicory, lush leaves, pale blue flowers

    Chicory (Cichorium intybus) has beautiful bright, pale blue flowers on stems that can reach 120cm tall. It is not flowering now in July but I am still using the leaves, which are lobed, deep green and look like large dandelion leaves, and taste as bitter (the leaves can also be rounded, with a red tinge […] Read more »

Workshops – Identifying Edible Weeds and Green Superfood Smoothies

Learn how to identify wild edible weeds and then transform them, together with leafy greens and ripe seasonal fruit into a luscious green smoothie which will greatly enhance your nutrition and antioxidant levels. Read more »

Upcoming Workshops:

Foraging For Wild Edible Weeds & Green Smoothie Workshops

 Omata, New Plymouth

Date: Saturday 20th August, 2016
Time: 10-1pm (Please bring some finger food for a shared lunch.)
Venue: 321 Hurford Road, Omata, New Plymouth
Cost: $50
Click here for more information about the workshops and to book a place
More information: phone/txt Julia 0274308471
Email: julia@juliasedibleweeds.com,
Bena: bena@greenbridege.co.nz

Here’s what Karen said about the workshop she attended March 2015:

“Julia, your workshop today about edible weeds has changed my whole way of thinking about them; how they live, why they are here, what their benefits are to us and the planet, they are truly magical plants. Your passion for what you do and share is infectious and inspiring. I would recommend this workshop to anyone of all ages.
Eternally Grateful”

Book – Julia’s Guide To Edible Weeds and Wild Green Smoothies

Available as a downloadable ebook OR printed book.
My book is an introductory guide to identifying edible weeds in your garden and incorporating them into your diet in the form of delicious nutritious smoothies.Learn why green smoothies are so good for our health and provide more easily digested nutrients than a salad or cooked vegetables.Find out which edible weeds and leafy greens are packed with nutrition and how to incorporate them into a superfood smoothie. Read more »