Identifying Wild Edible Weeds and Making Green Superfood Smoothies

green smoothies

Green Smoothie

You’ll be amazed how many ‘weeds’ in your garden you can eat!

I’ll show you how to identify wild edible weeds, the ones you can safely eat and those not so good to eat, and lots about their nutritional and

medicinal value and then we’ll transform them, together with leafy greens and ripe seasonal fruit into a luscious green smoothie which will greatly enhance your health.

Upcoming Workshops:

Hamilton, Saturday 29th April 2017

I first met Beryl when she came to a workshop over in Tauranga in 2013!
Recently we reconnected and she offered to have a workshop outside of Hamilton on her permaculture paradise.

Date: Saturday 29th April, 2017
Venue: 89 Robson Road, RD10 Hamilton
Time: 10-1pm
Cost: $55 (includes ebook)

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or Beryl

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Price: $55.00


I am available to visit your garden within the Tauranga area to help identify the ‘weeds’ you have around you, or to run a workshop with a group of your friends or neighbours from your own home.


Testimonial from Liz of a visit to her garden for a one-on-one session:

After having been to one of Julia’s Edible Weed workshops at the end of September 2013, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned lots, I found that once back in my own (very unruly) garden there were many more weeds that we didn’t come across at the workshop or else I had forgotten what they were and couldn’t find them in the book.

I asked Julia if she would be happy to come and visit my place to help me identify some of them. We spent a couple of hours meandering around finding all sorts of wonderful treasures. As Julia told me about the plant she would hand me a leaf and/or flower and I’d cellotape it in a scrapbook, add the name and any other details such as: best “added to smoothie”, “cooked”, “raw in salad”, “leaves and/or flowers eaten”.

Having a one on one with Julia gave me the opportunity to ask lots of questions which is not always easy in a big group and I now have the dried specimens from my own garden to which I can refer should there be a memory lapse.

Thank you Julia for opening my eyes to nature’s gifts all around, which enables me to sit back and enjoy the chaos that is my garden.
Liz, Pyes Pa

I am also willing to travel to other towns to give workshops for groups.

Please contact me with your request.


If you are not able to attend my workshops I have an ebook which is a good introductory guide to identifying edible weeds and making green smoothies. Click here for more information about my ebook.