This page includes websites and useful resources for your exploration.

Favourite Websites

BuddingtreescreenshotThis first website is Buddinghtree Consultancy, a company owned by Frank Buddingh’ an international consulting arborist. He works out of New Zealand and New York and is passionate about trees and nature. “Balancing the Needs of Trees and People” is the focus of Frank’s services. His team makes use of earth friendly applications that form the ingredients for a dynamic and holistic healing environment.

If you have any problems with trees or decisions to make about trees or wooden structures Frank has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help. Contact him through his website:

The Aardvark Pest Management has recently produced a new and informative article that outlines pest control in the home and garden using natural and organic methods. It has been extremely well received thus far and has been featured on many popular home & gardening sites. websites. Wally Richards the garden expertʼs webpage with special gardening products, books and newsletters. Sign up to get Wallyʼs weekly email related to gardening and health. He stocks the organic fertilizers and pest control I use e.g. neem granules and liquid neem, Rok Solid, Ocean solids and BML (Black Magic Liquid).

Plenty Permaculture is run locally in Tauranga by Catherine and Neville Dunton-McLeod.  They will be teaching a Permaculture Certificate in 2016 in Tauranga based on the internationally recognised curriculum. The website describes all the modules being run, the dates and how to contact them.  A really awesome opportunity to get learning and growing the permaculture way. This website is called “Plants for a Future” and has information on 7000 plants. It is a wonderful resource. Wild Edibles, Who Cares? Sergei does a series of Youtube presentations on lots of different edible and healing weeds. This is the Green Smoothie Headquarters website with lots about green smoothies, eating raw food and recipes. This site is all about the amaranthus family  This is a very interesting original article “Omega-3 fatty acids in wild plants, nuts and seeds”, by Artemis Simopoulos MD, Asia Pacific J Clin Nutr (2002) 11(S6):S163-S173. Importance of edible weeds article. A very interesting videoclip of Dr Terry Wahls story of how she cured herself of MS. Leafy greens being part of that story. Jason Shon Bennett, nutrition expert in NZ and researcher of the eating habits of indigenous people all over the planet has a very informative website and offers a mentorship program for improving your health called the Feel Alive Programme. This website is created by Tracy Russell – it has tons of information, lots of photos, easy to understand and recipes with the percentage of nutrients in each ingredient. NZ Website for the Lexsun High Speed Blender Foraging with the “Wild Man” Steve Brill

To obtain information about the varieties of leafy greens and to buy seeds, order online from They will mail you a catalogue upon request.

A mail order fruit and nut tree catalogue is available from Sarah Frater, 889 Ashhurst-Bunnythorpe Road, R.D.10, Palmerston North, 4470. 06 326 7131 Web site:

Not to alarm you but to inform you about poisonous plants there is a website for Poisons Prevention and Education by the NZ National Poisons Centre

There is an excellent 12 page article on Plants in NZ Poisonous to Children


Recommended Reading

A Guide to the Identification of New Zealand COMMON WEEDS in Colour
compiled by E.A. Upritchard for the New Zealand Weed and Pest Control Society (Inc), 1997

Common Weeds of New Zealand, An Illustrated Guide, Third Edition
by Ian Popay, Paul Champion, Trevor James, 2010

Green for Life: The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition
by Victoria Boutenko, 2010

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health
by Victoria Boutenko, 2009

Healing Wise: The Wise Woman Herbal
by Susun Weed, 1989

Health Through Godʼs Pharmacy: Advice and experiences with medicinal herbs
by Maria Treben, 198

The Weed Forager’s Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia, by Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland, 2012, Hyland House Publishing Pty Ltd.

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival, by Katrina Blair, 2014, Chelsea Green Publishing, VT