I Have a Cold

I have a cold and am in bed resting.  Before I came down with the cold I juiced 3 lemons and 6 mandarins to make a raw hummus (recipe will be posted another day).  I couldn’t bear to throw out the beautiful Vitamin C loaded yellow and orange skins so I soaked them in some water with the idea to drink it.  In the morning I got another idea to blend them up and that created a thick citrus liquid. It looks a bit like lemon curd. It tastes actually not too bad in fact much nicer than I expected.  I put about 1/2 cup in a glass and some grapefruit juice from 3 grapefruit (off our own tree) and made a vitamin rich drink. Below is how the blended citrus looked – lovely golden colour. 

Then I made a green smoothie with wild edibles of puha, plantain, fathen, speedwell, mizuna, bok choy and broccoli leaves and about 1 litre of water ( I wanted to make 2 litres of smoothie to take to our Ooooby – Out Of Our Own Backyard meeting where like minded gardeners gather ) I added some of the citrus ‘soup’.   But I didn’t want to over power the taste. After adding 3 apples, 2 bananas, 1 pear and 1/2 avocado which made it creamy I poured it into my beer glass with some thick citrus in the bottom and I got this lovely layered effect. I was delighted and the smoothie tasted great. Basil mint and Hearstease pansy for deoration. I am positive this concoction is chasing my cold away!

Layered Smoothie