Peaches & Weeds Smoothie and Dandelions Help Prevent Cancer

I recently came across some interesting research revealing how dandelion, that plant with golden yellow flowers, many try to get rid of in their lawns, is a potent cancer fighting medicine. Dandelions have long held a top spot in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a remedy for digestive upset, inflammation, and kidney disease, being boiled […] Read more

Mallow – mellow and soothing

The mallow family contains over twenty edible species of herbaceous plants that can be annual, biennial or perennial.  A number are considered weeds while others like hollyhocks and hibiscus are treasured garden plants and marsh mallow is a well known healing plant.   All contain large amounts of mucilage which makes them uniquely special as food […] Read more


Borage – Borago officinalis Loved by bees this plant is both a weed and one we want.  If you don’t have it, direct sowing of the seeds in spring and summer is best in its final position, as it doesn’t like having its long tap root disturbed. Or sow the seeds in individual pots and transplant […] Read more

Heal Thyself With Self Heal

Self Heal – Prunella vulgaris This is a gorgeous little plant flowering profusely now in January, in full sun or shade. I love it and want to share more about it along with a delicious pesto recipe I whipped up. Prunella comes from either the Latin meaning purple as in the flower colour or from […] Read more

Christmas Cheer With Amaranth

Amaranthus viridis – Green Amaranth or Amaranthus lividus -Purple Amaranth cultivated in Mexico since 4000BC – making it the oldest known food crop summer growing annuals found in disturbed, impoverished places the flowers are densely clustered small and green grow at the terminal or tip of the stem or in the axils of the leaves […] Read more

Onion Weed

Description other names three-cornered leek light green, grass like leaves and flower stalks are triangular in a cross section (photo below) it is a perennial that grows from small bulbs 1cm in diameter a garden escape being brought here by settlers from Europe even I considered it a terrible weed because it is impossible to […] Read more

Chickweed – abundant in winter

Chickweed  – stellaria media is a delightful plant and my favourite edible weed, growing lushly in the colder months.  It is one of the most common weeds, growing all over the world in gardens, cultivated land and waste places. It is an annual preferring cooler, rich, moist conditions and doesn’t survive dry summers. It’s Latin name ‘Stellaria’ […] Read more

Purslane – hugely nutritious

Purslane – Portulaca oleracea Purslane has to be the one of the least appreciated edible weeds in New Zealand with huge hidden benefits. The greatest benefit being high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids  (known to help prevent heart disease and improve the immune system), a whopping 4mg per gram, compared to .89mg in spinach. Purslane […] Read more

Microgreens from your own saved seed

Microgreens from your own saved seed It is a great idea to let your vegetable plants go to seed and then harvest the seed for the next crop.  That way you are breeding your own vegetables that are adapted to your area, your soil and your growing conditions or climate. It also saves you money […] Read more

All About Amaranth

  Amaranth, Green Amaranthus viridis or  Purple Amaranthus lividus Description These are summer growing annuals found in disturbed, impoverished places and cultivated nutrient rich places like our vegetable gardens or animal pens.  They have densely clustered small green flowers that grow at the terminal or tip of the stem or in the axils of the […] Read more